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Digi-Me allows employers to easily connect with qualified candidates nation-wide using professionally directed career videos. Each video is equipped with a code that automatically relays up-to-date analytical data to our content management portal. Our powerfully effective system gives clients the opportunity to assess the number of views each video receives, adjust video content as needed, and determine where viewer traffic is coming from. All videos can be managed using our CMS (content management system), which can be accessed via the Digi-Me portal.

How Can Digi-Me Help You?

The internet is a trusted source of information for individuals across the world. As more job-seekers continue to use online job boards (such as VetJobs or iCims) and social media platforms (including LinkedIn) to find long-term careers, an explosive interest has erupted in regards to recruitment digital media. Employers have since realized that harnessing video as their primary type of digital media communication is a highly effective for finding qualified career candidates for many industries and career levels. In fact, recruitment videos have been proven to boost the SEO of existing recruitment campaigns while truly exemplifying a company’s culture.

power of video 
Keep candidates on your career site up to 5.3x longer
Increase chances of  being first page in search engines by up to 53x
Reduce cost per hire by up to 56%
Increase candidate retention of your job description by up to 300%
Video makes your job post 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of an internet search than text-only listings. Talk about literally coming out “on top of the competition”!
Each Digi-Me video comes with an array of “social share” buttons, making it easy for candidates to engage with your video and allowing it to take on a life of its own, spreading virally to social media sites, blogs, and niche markets. Plus, all of these candidates’ shares amplify your SEO!
Video scales better on mobile devices than text, so candidates can find your job even when they’re on-the-go. And with our global delivery system, all of your Digi-Me videos automatically render for mobile as well!
Studies show that someone who watches a video retains up to 300% more content than if they just read text. For recruiters, this higher content retention translates into increased self-selection, so not only do you get more qualified candidates, but you also spend less time and money in the screening process.
Each Digi-Me video comes enabled with the latest tracking technology with a real-time metrics that feed directly to your personal content management account. So what does this mean in plain English? It means that you can view up-to-the-minute data that shows how many people are viewing your video, how many candidates are applying, and which websites are driving them there. Armed with this info, you can strategically determine the best way to focus future recruitment efforts. Plus, we’re not shy about letting you know that on average, Digi-Me videos have a 20-60% apply rate!
As excited as we are about all of the automated, do-it-yourself features that Digi-Me technologies offer, we are equally proud of our friendly, expert staff, who are happy to help walk you through every step of the process and provide customized advice based off trends in the marketplace about the best way to leverage your videos to meet your specific recruitment needs.
With Digi-Me videos, you get professional quality without breaking the bank. Pricing for job videos starts at as little as $350! And considering all the money that Digi-Me videos will save you — including reduced screening costs on account of more qualified candidates —the benefits far outweigh the costs.
Think creating a customized recruitment video is a time-consuming process? Think again! Digi-Me employs professional scriptwriters on demand, so as soon as you input your information into our system, you will have a first draft of your script within 24 hours. As soon as you give us the thumbs-up on your script, it then moves off to production in our state-of-the-art, in-house production facility with diverse, on-air talent that’s the best in the industry. Have global hiring needs? No problem! We can cover any language you require. And once your video is produced, you will receive your ready-to-use job video links within 48 hours. That’s all the time it takes!
Digi-Me operates on a cloud-based system, so you can access and make changes to your video library anytime, anywhere, around the world. Plus, since you don’t have to worry about large video files eating-up your company’s internal bandwidth, you can create as many videos as you want and only activate the positions that you need right now. Then, when those positions are filled, turn those videos off and turn on the next batch… all with just the click of a button!

Some of Our Clients


In terms of recruitment and branding innovation a well-researched, genuine employer brand makes all the difference in employee attraction. Digi-Me was able to help us showcase what makes Kiewit unique in the most innovative way available on the market leveraging video and social trends allowing us to outpace our competition.
Recruiting Manager, Kiewit Energy Group
The video format and the CNN style content is inspiring. The flexibility of products allows us to launch multiple language format job ads for use in Asia and Europe.
Social Media Manager, CA Technologies
Through the use of Digi-Me’s video we have been able to cut our screening process by at least 20 minutes per candidate.
Agency Recruiter, State Farm
Firms that embrace and deploy employment branded marketing strategies will result in winning the talent acquisition war for best fit, qualified candidates.
Global Practice Leader, Adecco RPO
As the leader in innovative video recruitment, we are excited to partner with Digi-Me as our alliance will provide clients with proven video recruitment methods to attract the best fit for their organizations.
Terry Terhark, CEO, The RightThing
Firms that embrace and deploy employment branded marketing strategies will result in winning the talent acquisition war for best fit, qualified candidates.
Adecco RPO, Adecco RPO
Digi-Me has a fresh approach to recruitment content presentation that suits our fast paced information age and embraces multi media better than anything we have seen. Their customer feedback is what really swayed the panel and why their product was overwhelmingly popular at the HR Demo Show.
Elliot Clark, CEO, HRO Today


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